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Do you have debts?

Once debt becomes a problem a lot of questions arise.
Urs Siegenthaler
Urs Siegenthaler

Unfortunately many debt restructuring companies offer expensive and unqualified debt counselling. We therefore recommend that you find a debt counselling service that is a member of the Swiss Debt Counselling Association. These debt counselling offices offer advice free of charge or at a very reasonable rate. You will be given competent advice on:

- Your options for dealing with your debt
- The legitimacy of your creditors' claims and/or debt collection
- Dealing with creditors, the debt collection agency and the debt recovery agency
- Savings options and financial entitlements (such as supplementary benefits, health insurance benefits and social security benefits, etc.)
- Organising your finances

In the case of smaller debts you can ask a budget or social security advice centre for support.

You will find a list of relevant offices at: